lunes, 27 de agosto de 2012


Well, actually I’m living in Santiago of Chile, is not a Big City, but millions of persons live here. Probably this is the biggest problem of this city… A small area to too much people, this gives some difficulties. An example of this is the bad working of the public transport… the busses are unpunctual, take too much time in make the route and the capacity that they have to transport persons are small. Lives in a place remote, far off the center, results a bad idea.

The goods things of Santiago, are in the center of the city, if you live in the center all the interesting places of the city will be in your hands, a one step of you, for example the museum or the theater, the places of “carrete” (parties) and much other things.

Notwithstanding, if a foreigners come to Santiago let’s me tell you… you will must visit San Bernardo, in the outskirts of the city. Is not the nicest place of the city, but I think that is a very typical place and reflect the reality of this big city in a little place.  

lunes, 20 de agosto de 2012

Justice for all

20, agust 2012.

Yesterday Julian Assenge, the WikiLeaks creator, got a speech to the international community and a lot of persons/followers that waiting for his declaration of innocence from the ecuadorean embassy.   

In fact, i don't know what was the problem that provocated the accusation to Assenge, but based in the information that I hear from my friends and close persons, this accusation would be the way to keep safe the secrets of the most powerfull organizations in the world. Yeah this supposition cloud be crazy, but not much, because the Assenge’s website, WikiLeaks, published many information that, in the past, was qualified information. I don’t know if this supposition is true or false, but is a interesting point that we can’t overlooking.

In other way, I consider that is a shame the situation of the WikiLeaks creator, but what can we do?... I hope a early resolution of the problem, but probably, this problem give conversation material for a few months more.