lunes, 26 de noviembre de 2012


Classmates, today is a sad day, because I will write (I hope) the last post in my blog of the class…  It’s a joke, I’m very happy for this – Teacher not is nothing personal, is just that my relation whit the English no is the best -.

Well, at first I want to say that I think that the English language is very important nowadays. Likes me or not, the English has become in a global language that we can use to communicate with other persons in other parts of the world - It’s amazing -. But I don’t agree with studying the English language against our volunteer. I think that this is a little violent.

The imposition of one language over another, and with this, the imposition of a culture that doesn’t likes me at all, over another, specifically, over our culture. Not is different to the imposition of the Latin language in the period of the Roman Empire over another native language of Europe. The fact that the English is taught in context where we don’t have opinion about if we want learn or not, makes me feel and think that the domination of one culture is strong, for the less I don’t want to lose my culture.

Well, in another topic… the classes of English in the university are very strange to me, because I can’t see the objective of this. All in this class knows that a language not is learned in 6 month, less if you have one class for week and don’t speak English in other times out of the class. I admit that this class helps me to improve a little in my English, but that was because I have a little interest for other language too…  well, I have many things to improve yet (over all, the speaking, the writing and the reading xd), but this is other topic. Respect to the blog, I think that was one of the activities that makes me improve my English together with the speaking activities in the class.

Well, classmates, this is my last goodbye in this blog (I hope). Bye and luck in the English life.

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lunes, 19 de noviembre de 2012

International Men's Day: the seeds of a new movement

Well, I had not idea of this, but today is the “international men’s day”. Rarely, no one given me greetings or something for this…

Ally Fogg, writer of the newspaper “the guardian” says that today, in some place of the world (he don’t says where, but I think that in England), mens are claiming for his rights to be equals to the womens. It's funny, because not long time ago, were the womens who were in this situation. Well, apparently in some regions of the planet the situation was reverted and now are the mens who were in this position.  

I want to be claire in this point, this movement, acorrding Ally Fogg, not is a movement that claim for the privileges of the mens in the past century, but is a movement that planning put in the table one theme of discussion forgotten or, actually, ignored in this days; the violence against the mens in this days, thinking that, like the old refrain says “the patriarchy hurts me too”.  This topic of discussion was oponed for  Gleen Pole in the second conference about Mens and Boys, couple weeks ago.

I can’t see all the problems, discussions or conflicts that the point of view of the persons that make this topic would give in the future, but something is sure, it will be polemical.
Anyway, I hope that in the future my day (men’s day) be celebrated properly.

PD: I choose this news, because is very interesting and would give us a interesting moment of discussion 

lunes, 12 de noviembre de 2012


Hello people:
Well today I am going to talk about one movie that likes me. Really, I’m not a person that feels a great passion for the movies, but in the last year my predisposition to see movies has increased.

Actually, I have seen two movies that really likes me, these movies are “The Godfather” (the first of the trilogy) and “El secreto de sus ojos”. The first one is a recognized movie in all the world, and the second one is one of the best movies made it in Latinoamérica (specifically, in Argentina). This time, I believe that is more interesting speak/write about the second movie, thinking that “the godfather” is a classical movie.

“El secreto de sus ojos” is a movie that was opened in the 2009. This film was directed for Juan José Campanella and it was inspired for the novel “la pregunta de sus ojos”. The principal actors are Ricardo Darín (in the paper of Benjamin Esposito) and Soledad Villamil (like Irene Menéndez). The movie won many prizes, inclusive one Oscar to the “Best Foreign Film”.

The movie is about the story of a judicial case that Benjamin Esposito has investigated in the past. Those memories of that event are the scenes that we see in the movie. The entire story happens around this fact. Is a great story that passes between the suspense of the crime and the drama that produce the relation between Benjamin and Irene because of a romance that does not materialize.

Well, not is my intention screw up the film whit my comments and I really prefer that you see the movie (if you don’t see it yet), so better I will put a piece of the movie that is very (VERY) interesting.

PD: I know, the speed of the internet in this place (the classroom) is horrible, but I have hope that you will see the video at home

lunes, 5 de noviembre de 2012


Today I must talk about the elections of mayors in our country. Actually I consider that this fact has a big importance for the people of the country, but I think that don’t have the same importance to me.  

Great image. 
The last week was the municipal election and I didn’t go to the vote center to give my vote, but I spent my time working in the shop of my father during the morning until the 3 pm, and in the afternoon I was in my home speaking whit my family about the importance of the vote. The only person of my house that went to vote was my daughter. My mom and my older brother didn’t go too. Each of us have different reason and explanation for ours acts, but personally I think that the vote not is the best way to impulse a change in the society in a country like Chile. I think that the function and the objective of the democratic systems is find a representative for the people that is part of the political system, but always knows that in our country this is not a fact actually. The persons that are elected for the vote, frequently are elected because are the “least bad” and not because they are the better option that “makes me fell represented”. Is for this reasons that I didn’t vote… well, some might say: “but, if you don’t have interest for anyone, you can give your opinion vote in white or whit an abstention”. Well, they persons have the reason, but I have other reasons that I don’t want to write in this occasion to do that I did – one of this reasons is that I dislikes THIS political system, because I feel that try to make that too many different persons believe that the unique form of participate in political life is the vote, when, really, each group or person have a different form to do this -. 

martes, 30 de octubre de 2012

The cuestion of this week is something that I had never thinking. But in this moment, the one person that deserves all my attention is Vicente Huidobro. Vicente was one of the best chilean poets of all the history of our country. In my personal opinion, is the biggest mind of our country. He lived in France for many years, working in books and news papers, and arrives a Chile years before his dead. He was considered/ is considered one of the fathers of the creationism... Really, i don't have idea about how define the creationism, but i think that is a creative stance or intellectual stance where the important not is the coherence, but the creation of new worlds and new mental images through the language (speech, images, sounds whatever).
If I had the chance of meet him... The only quiestion that i could make why his last words, before his death,  were "cara de poto" (ass face)?... Was a funny final, and irreverent too, but i can't understand his words.

lunes, 8 de octubre de 2012


The appreciation of the gift has been different throughout time. Is difficult to me choose a moment or gift that I consider important to me, but if I must choose one of the moments, the chosen has been the Christmas celebration 3 years ago, not for the gift that we (me and my brothers) got, but the ridiculous celebration that we make in the moment that we opened the box. The mysterious present was a Nintendo Wii... At the moment that we opened the box and perceived the game, me and my brothers began to shout and cry for the emotion of had received the game. Was a very ridiculous moment, but was very funny. The face of our parents was the better part of this scene, they couldn’t believe our reaction. Despite that the emotions that we received the Nintendo, really, this wasn’t a good gift… because, the games are too expensive and my mother didn’t want unblock the console to read cheap games.

Spite of that, the times that we (my brothers and me) spend in front of the tv whit the console, were the funniest. And the first meeting whit the console in the Christmas of 3 years ago, was a memorable situation that I memory until today.

PD: Actually, I’m trying to sale the Nintendo Wii. Call me if you want buy one. 

PD2: This video is similar to the reaction that we had in the moment of open the box.

lunes, 10 de septiembre de 2012


I think that talk about the “best friend” is so difficult, because I believe that I have more than one good partner... Anyway, today I going to talk about Osmar, my friend since my childhood.
Osmar was a neighbour. He used to live in the same street than me when I was a child.
How I met Osmar? I don’t know, he always was there; like a brother. I think that this relationship was possible because our parents, long time ago, were close friends. Usually, I used to visit his house with my parents. Osmar and me played with different toys imagining that he and me are rivals and compete, trying to know who is better. Anything could turn in to a battle that one of us must win. I remember one night, when we discuss about what milk are better... the chocolate milk or the strawberry milk, was very stupid, but it’s good memory.
Today, the relation between Osmar and me is good, despite the time that we have to talk. The university takes much time of our lives. Even so, all the times that I meet whit him all is like always, in spite of our diferences. The bond that we have is strong.

lunes, 3 de septiembre de 2012

Second Time

The second time started and I didn’t have idea of this notice. Just now I am beginning to understand the importance of this fact.
the "lazy spirit"

The first part of the year was too boring and I don’t have much to say about this, leastwise to the university respect. In the life in general, the first “time” was a reflection time. Obviously, I had time to make to many activities, but the lazy spirit posses me and turn the house in a better place to spend the time… In fact, the bigger part of my time (and with this I want to say, all the time, not free time only) I was in my house.  In this context and with too much time to spend, the reflection turns in an activity worthy of be considered.

On the other hand, the first part of the year, was a good time to have some memorable parties and recharge the energy to start a good second time. I live some histories to tell to my sons in the future, examples of the acts that they don’t have to make (like “take a rest” in middle of a square in the morning, later the party… bad idea).

Reconsidering the facts, I believe that the first term was fine, but I grateful that finished. I think that this term will be better… because the lazy spirit left my body. 

lunes, 27 de agosto de 2012


Well, actually I’m living in Santiago of Chile, is not a Big City, but millions of persons live here. Probably this is the biggest problem of this city… A small area to too much people, this gives some difficulties. An example of this is the bad working of the public transport… the busses are unpunctual, take too much time in make the route and the capacity that they have to transport persons are small. Lives in a place remote, far off the center, results a bad idea.

The goods things of Santiago, are in the center of the city, if you live in the center all the interesting places of the city will be in your hands, a one step of you, for example the museum or the theater, the places of “carrete” (parties) and much other things.

Notwithstanding, if a foreigners come to Santiago let’s me tell you… you will must visit San Bernardo, in the outskirts of the city. Is not the nicest place of the city, but I think that is a very typical place and reflect the reality of this big city in a little place.  

lunes, 20 de agosto de 2012

Justice for all

20, agust 2012.

Yesterday Julian Assenge, the WikiLeaks creator, got a speech to the international community and a lot of persons/followers that waiting for his declaration of innocence from the ecuadorean embassy.   

In fact, i don't know what was the problem that provocated the accusation to Assenge, but based in the information that I hear from my friends and close persons, this accusation would be the way to keep safe the secrets of the most powerfull organizations in the world. Yeah this supposition cloud be crazy, but not much, because the Assenge’s website, WikiLeaks, published many information that, in the past, was qualified information. I don’t know if this supposition is true or false, but is a interesting point that we can’t overlooking.

In other way, I consider that is a shame the situation of the WikiLeaks creator, but what can we do?... I hope a early resolution of the problem, but probably, this problem give conversation material for a few months more.