lunes, 12 de noviembre de 2012


Hello people:
Well today I am going to talk about one movie that likes me. Really, I’m not a person that feels a great passion for the movies, but in the last year my predisposition to see movies has increased.

Actually, I have seen two movies that really likes me, these movies are “The Godfather” (the first of the trilogy) and “El secreto de sus ojos”. The first one is a recognized movie in all the world, and the second one is one of the best movies made it in Latinoamérica (specifically, in Argentina). This time, I believe that is more interesting speak/write about the second movie, thinking that “the godfather” is a classical movie.

“El secreto de sus ojos” is a movie that was opened in the 2009. This film was directed for Juan José Campanella and it was inspired for the novel “la pregunta de sus ojos”. The principal actors are Ricardo Darín (in the paper of Benjamin Esposito) and Soledad Villamil (like Irene Menéndez). The movie won many prizes, inclusive one Oscar to the “Best Foreign Film”.

The movie is about the story of a judicial case that Benjamin Esposito has investigated in the past. Those memories of that event are the scenes that we see in the movie. The entire story happens around this fact. Is a great story that passes between the suspense of the crime and the drama that produce the relation between Benjamin and Irene because of a romance that does not materialize.

Well, not is my intention screw up the film whit my comments and I really prefer that you see the movie (if you don’t see it yet), so better I will put a piece of the movie that is very (VERY) interesting.

PD: I know, the speed of the internet in this place (the classroom) is horrible, but I have hope that you will see the video at home

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  1. Hi
    The Godfather to be in fashion jajaja
    always I will this film (El secreto de sus ojos)
    but never I do xD I think that I see coming soon

  2. This is a fantastic movie. I loved it!