lunes, 26 de noviembre de 2012


Classmates, today is a sad day, because I will write (I hope) the last post in my blog of the class…  It’s a joke, I’m very happy for this – Teacher not is nothing personal, is just that my relation whit the English no is the best -.

Well, at first I want to say that I think that the English language is very important nowadays. Likes me or not, the English has become in a global language that we can use to communicate with other persons in other parts of the world - It’s amazing -. But I don’t agree with studying the English language against our volunteer. I think that this is a little violent.

The imposition of one language over another, and with this, the imposition of a culture that doesn’t likes me at all, over another, specifically, over our culture. Not is different to the imposition of the Latin language in the period of the Roman Empire over another native language of Europe. The fact that the English is taught in context where we don’t have opinion about if we want learn or not, makes me feel and think that the domination of one culture is strong, for the less I don’t want to lose my culture.

Well, in another topic… the classes of English in the university are very strange to me, because I can’t see the objective of this. All in this class knows that a language not is learned in 6 month, less if you have one class for week and don’t speak English in other times out of the class. I admit that this class helps me to improve a little in my English, but that was because I have a little interest for other language too…  well, I have many things to improve yet (over all, the speaking, the writing and the reading xd), but this is other topic. Respect to the blog, I think that was one of the activities that makes me improve my English together with the speaking activities in the class.

Well, classmates, this is my last goodbye in this blog (I hope). Bye and luck in the English life.

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