lunes, 19 de noviembre de 2012

International Men's Day: the seeds of a new movement

Well, I had not idea of this, but today is the “international men’s day”. Rarely, no one given me greetings or something for this…

Ally Fogg, writer of the newspaper “the guardian” says that today, in some place of the world (he don’t says where, but I think that in England), mens are claiming for his rights to be equals to the womens. It's funny, because not long time ago, were the womens who were in this situation. Well, apparently in some regions of the planet the situation was reverted and now are the mens who were in this position.  

I want to be claire in this point, this movement, acorrding Ally Fogg, not is a movement that claim for the privileges of the mens in the past century, but is a movement that planning put in the table one theme of discussion forgotten or, actually, ignored in this days; the violence against the mens in this days, thinking that, like the old refrain says “the patriarchy hurts me too”.  This topic of discussion was oponed for  Gleen Pole in the second conference about Mens and Boys, couple weeks ago.

I can’t see all the problems, discussions or conflicts that the point of view of the persons that make this topic would give in the future, but something is sure, it will be polemical.
Anyway, I hope that in the future my day (men’s day) be celebrated properly.

PD: I choose this news, because is very interesting and would give us a interesting moment of discussion 

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