lunes, 8 de octubre de 2012


The appreciation of the gift has been different throughout time. Is difficult to me choose a moment or gift that I consider important to me, but if I must choose one of the moments, the chosen has been the Christmas celebration 3 years ago, not for the gift that we (me and my brothers) got, but the ridiculous celebration that we make in the moment that we opened the box. The mysterious present was a Nintendo Wii... At the moment that we opened the box and perceived the game, me and my brothers began to shout and cry for the emotion of had received the game. Was a very ridiculous moment, but was very funny. The face of our parents was the better part of this scene, they couldn’t believe our reaction. Despite that the emotions that we received the Nintendo, really, this wasn’t a good gift… because, the games are too expensive and my mother didn’t want unblock the console to read cheap games.

Spite of that, the times that we (my brothers and me) spend in front of the tv whit the console, were the funniest. And the first meeting whit the console in the Christmas of 3 years ago, was a memorable situation that I memory until today.

PD: Actually, I’m trying to sale the Nintendo Wii. Call me if you want buy one. 

PD2: This video is similar to the reaction that we had in the moment of open the box.

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  1. jajajaja juan carlos you are very funny xD

  2. hahahaha i can imagine your brother face crying of happiness. nice story hahaha


  4. hahahahaha, I can't stop to laugh imagining your face in that moment hahaha

    I agree with Felipe, Nintendo 64 rules!