lunes, 10 de septiembre de 2012


I think that talk about the “best friend” is so difficult, because I believe that I have more than one good partner... Anyway, today I going to talk about Osmar, my friend since my childhood.
Osmar was a neighbour. He used to live in the same street than me when I was a child.
How I met Osmar? I don’t know, he always was there; like a brother. I think that this relationship was possible because our parents, long time ago, were close friends. Usually, I used to visit his house with my parents. Osmar and me played with different toys imagining that he and me are rivals and compete, trying to know who is better. Anything could turn in to a battle that one of us must win. I remember one night, when we discuss about what milk are better... the chocolate milk or the strawberry milk, was very stupid, but it’s good memory.
Today, the relation between Osmar and me is good, despite the time that we have to talk. The university takes much time of our lives. Even so, all the times that I meet whit him all is like always, in spite of our diferences. The bond that we have is strong.

5 comentarios:

  1. Hello!it's great that you have a friend!! xD

    1. Jajajaa, Nicole you are so bad xD
      I think he has more that one friends, maybe two... xD

  2. Hi! sounds like a great friendship.. it's like those friends that become "family".. even though you never see them, the relation keeps the same.. :)

  3. Those discussions about "weird" things like the better taste of milk, are the best memories, and always make you laugh when you remember it.

  4. I would like to know which milk won, the chocolate milk or the strawberry milk xD