martes, 30 de octubre de 2012

The cuestion of this week is something that I had never thinking. But in this moment, the one person that deserves all my attention is Vicente Huidobro. Vicente was one of the best chilean poets of all the history of our country. In my personal opinion, is the biggest mind of our country. He lived in France for many years, working in books and news papers, and arrives a Chile years before his dead. He was considered/ is considered one of the fathers of the creationism... Really, i don't have idea about how define the creationism, but i think that is a creative stance or intellectual stance where the important not is the coherence, but the creation of new worlds and new mental images through the language (speech, images, sounds whatever).
If I had the chance of meet him... The only quiestion that i could make why his last words, before his death,  were "cara de poto" (ass face)?... Was a funny final, and irreverent too, but i can't understand his words.

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  1. I like Huidobro too. He is was a visionary, because he created a new literary vanguard! :)